In 2010 in the city of Varna, Bulgaria was founded the non-governmental organization ASSOCIATION OF EXPLOSIVES MANUFACTURERS IN BULGARIA within the scope of supporting, promoting and protecting the interests of its members – explosives manufacturers.  

The founding members of the Association are:

  •  „VIA 2000” LTD
  •  „NIKAS” LTD

Through its activity the Association contributes to the creation of positive environment for communication and cooperation among its members, as well as with other companies that are performing activities with explosives.  The Association contributes to the improving of the competitiveness of the companies by organizing workshops, trainings, providing consultations and exchanging information, establishing contacts and cooperation with related international organizations.

The Association performs activities, contributing the achievement of its goals and objectives, such as:

  1. Exchange of information and regular meetings of the Association members for discussion and debate on topics and issues, related to the problems in the field of the manufacturing and use of explosives.
  2. Development of relations with international and other national organizations, operating in the field of the manufacturing and use of explosives.
  3. Development of qualification programs and participation in the organization of trainings, conferences, workshops, symposia, meetings and other forms of training, qualification, education and improvement of the personnel, working in the field of the manufacturing and use of explosives.
  4. Interaction with governmental and non-governmental and municipal authorities and organizations to implement the goals and objectives of the Association.
  5. To develop, apply and promote the dissemination of modern experience and methods in the field, that are related to good manufacturing practices, quality, safety, environmental protection and security of information.

In 2019 the Association became a member of the European Federation of Explosives Engineers.

At the end of 2019, at an Extraordinary General Meeting, the Association amended its statutes and name within the scope of expanding the range of activities and growing its membership. This amendment allows legal entities that are operating only in the field of use of explosives to become members of the Association.

In January 2020 the Association is reregistered in the Registry Agency under the new name – “Bulgarian Association for Explosives Production and Blasting”.

The Association management bodies are the Органите за управление на Асоциацията са Общото събрание, which is the Supreme Body of the Association and the Management Board which is the management body of the Association.

The Management Board of the Association consists of 3 members – legal entities, represented by their legal representatives or persons that are explicitly authorized by them. The members of the Management board are elected by the General Meeting for a term of up to 5 years.

For the period 2020 – 2025 in the Management Board of the Association are elected:

  •  „ESKANA INVEST 96” JSCo  – Chairman

and members:

  • „VIA 2000” LTD
The association is a member of European Federation of Explosives Engineers